Architectural Stone and Tile

Who We Are - What We Do

Architectural Stone and Tile is a direct source supplier of natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tile. Bringing creative stone and tile ideas directly from the producers to your project. Our focus is on large scale commercial and residential building types such as shopping centers, retail chains, multifamily residences and office buildings. With 25 years of expertise in technical applications in the design and supply of exterior cladding systems, raised flooring and complex tile installations.

Our sources, quarries and factories in Europe and Asia, have been carefully vetted through 25 years of relationship building and working experience. 25 years of personally visiting quarries and factories throughout the world to fully understand the unique characteristics and processes of all materials that we work with. This ensures that what Architectural Stone and Tile offers is of the highest quality, produced by the most technical and sustainable oriented companies and using the most reliable supply chain deliveries.

We are risk adverse and focus on successful client / owner experiences.

Publications and Awards

Interior Design Magazine 2019 Best of Year
Commercial Lobby, Two Union Square, Seattle, WA.

"Architectural Stone: Fabrication, Installation, and Selection"
September 27, 1999
John Wiley & Sons, Publisher